Our Values

Values Statement (Guide to behaviour)  – Draft

In God the Father, we value all of creation as a loving gift as part of God infinite wisdom

  • We experience each other and the diversity of nature as a unique gift through which we come to know God’s plan of sheer goodness
  • We understand that diversity is the proper expression communication of the one gift of Love
  • We affirm that all people have a contribution to make to the community
  • We act for the good of all


In Jesus the Son, we value the personal self-gift of the Father to the world

  • We experience a sense of wonder as the beginning of all wisdom
  • We understand that faith and reason are united paths to true knowledge
  • We affirm that questions manifest and express the desire for wisdom
  • We act intelligently and responsibly, inspired by the Beatitudes, in the search for Wisdom


In the Cross we value the unconditional nature of God’s love

  • We experience the suffering of others as our own suffering
  • We understand that some decisions evoke personal sacrifice
  • We affirm that service of others takes priority over self-interest
  • We act in the light of the Greatest Commandment: to love God and neighbour


In the Resurrection we value the transforming power of God’s love

  • We experience the newness of life springs from faith in God
  • We understand that love is stronger than all trials this life will offer
  • We affirm that forgiveness is a beginning to new life for our community
  • We act so that every moment is open to the transforming power of God’s love


In the Holy Spirit, we value God’s love for every generation

  • We experience the wisdom and understanding of others across the ages
  • We understand that knowledge begins and ends in the search for God
  • We affirm that God’s love in constant in the world
  • We act in joy, peace, patience and generosity.


In the Church, we value the community that accepts God’s love as the centre of its life.

  • We experience the unity of a community
  • We understand that unity is derived from our shared faith in God
  • We affirm the value of the Sacraments as moments of God’s grace
  • We act to bring the joy of the Gospel to the world


In Eternal Life, we value that God’s love will endure in all things

  • We experience the just consequences of our actions
  • We understand that justice is the balance of equity and fairness
  • We affirm every moment is an opportunity to grow in knowledge and wisdom
  • We act in the knowledge that love is stronger than human frailty