About Us

About This Project:

What we are working to build, is a catholic primary school, subject to VRQA registration, that’s focused on a high standard of intellectual development and faith formation.

How we shall accomplish this, is through a return to classical “trivium” format that used to be given to future to be leaders. It is made up of three learning phases that stack up upon one another:

  • First, by building a diverse and comprehensive knowledge base of various words, facts and ideas about our world – cultivating the faculty of memory (also known as the ‘grammar’ stage)
  • Second, in learning the rules that connect words, facts and ideas in a rational and commonsense manner – cultivating the faculty of reason (also known as the ‘logic’ stage)
  • Third, in learning to communicate clearly these reason-based positions (though words and actions) as to practically use knowledge and reason to live a life of wisdom – cultivating the faculty of will (also known as the ‘rhetoric’ stage).

We will build upon a sensory foundation to form intellectual concepts, (looking at incorporating Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for instance), as well as a strong engagement with nature (e.g. through activities such as farming, bush walks & exploration) and the development of the physical body.

Why we seek to follow this route, is because (based on good theology) intellectual formation is the basis of forming the heart (the will) of a child to make good choices in life. The classical curriculum is a time tested method that’s been designed for this purpose, and it maps onto a child’s natural cognitive development.

Where it will be located, is at Linton Presbytery in the township of Linton. However, we will have buses within a 20km radius to pick up students from surrounding areas who want to attend this school. 

The proposed start for this school is at the beginning of 2020. If you would like to have you child placed on our list as a future possible student, please fill out this short form below.

(Note: Selection of admission is based on the order in which we receive your interest. With our current building space, the number of students is limited to an average of 4-5 children per year level.)  

Our Committee:

Our steering committee is formed against the 7 pillars of a successful Catholic school and comprises:

Committee Contacts: Faith | Governance| Finance | Curriculum | Quality Teaching | Student Welfare | Facilities |