Updated FAQ 2018 concerning the Linton Presbytery

Our Lady of Fatima School, Linton, subject to VRQA approval: Questions and answers regarding the leasing of the Linton Presbytery from the Linton Parish

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Where is the money for the school coming from?

  • The funds for renovating the presbytery will be raised by the committee throughout the year, which follows our approach to date.  Alternatives include crowd funding and self-managed superannuation funds as well as more traditional approaches of fundraising such as raffles, donations, trivia nights etc.
  • The operational costs of the school will be federally funded, and school fees will provide the means to purchase land, develop buildings and other capital works.
  • Subject to VRQA registration, the school has been granted status of a charitable organisation, providing the means for people to make donations to the building fund and claim these donations as a tax deduction.

How much space do the children need for a playground?

  • The VRQA application process will evaluate adequate provision of space for children for play, toilets etc.  The architect has factored this requirement into the plans being drawn up for submission.

What are the requirements for toilets?

  • As above, the VRQA application process will evaluate adequate provision of space for toilets.

Will modifications devalue the presbytery?

  • We believe that modifications and renovations will enhance the value of the presbytery.

Can the walls be replaced after they’ve been removed?

  • Any walls that are opened up to join rooms can be replaced or filled in by conventional walling (frame with plaster).  This will provide the opportunity to add built in / walk in wardrobes etc.

Will there be a kitchen in it?

  • Kitchen facilities will be provided for the staff, so we will likely upgrade the existing kitchen and appliances.

How will a teacher supervise the entire yard?

  • Parent empowerment and involvement will be a core theme of the school, and we envisage that volunteering for assistance will also play a part in this.  Prospective parents of the school are eager to assist in this respect as are other members of the community who may wish to contribute.

Will the privet trees along the fence be removed?

  • If required, yes.  We’re keen to engage the committees in discussion on these and any other decisions in the development of the school.

Will the stables out the back be removed?

  • This is an item that we’re keen to seek feedback from the committees on.  The stables could be fenced off if there is a preference to retain them or removed if that will enhance the future value of the property.

Enrolment projection and time line on all things, e.g. staff, curriculum

  • All VRQA required documents and artefacts are currently in progress.  We anticipate VRQA application submission no later than the beginning of June and will likely hold a pre-application meeting with the VRQA within the next couple of weeks to seek their feedback and guidance on our application.

Where are the children coming from?

  • We currently have 13 primary school children confirmed, and 6 high school children confirmed, subject to approval of an exemption by the VRQA.
  • Children will be coming from Catholic families around the district (Meredith, Mount Helen, Snake Valley, Streatham, Smythesdale, etc) and others are welcome to enrol as well.

Where will the back fence be?

  • The original position will be retained.

Do we need the paddock next door?

  • Yes – the playground will be located in the paddock/block next door.

Have the Golden Plains council been involved in the planning of the school?

  • Yes we have been in touch with the council along the way, with the mayor attending our first public meeting and providing his support.
  • There have been meetings with the council to discuss options for the location of the school, and the prospect of a P-12 school aligns with their intentions for the shire.

Will this impact the existing primary school?

  • We believe that a Catholic school in the area will actually help grow business in the town, and may therefore contribute to the growth of the population of Linton and the surrounding area, both Catholic and non-Catholic.  We hope to collaborate with the existing school in the shared use of facilities, sporting events etc. and hope that this will help bolster the existing school and the township of Linton.