October 2019 Update

Update on Our Lady of Fatima Classical School

On Thursday the 26th September, school Board representatives met with the VRQA to determine the next steps towards registration for a 2020 opening for primary levels at Linton. This followed a detailed two month assessment of our application. Unfortunately, we were asked to correct a vast array of items within 28 days, most specifically in the areas of governance, facilities, finances and curriculum, or withdraw the application by the close of the next business day without prejudice. With no foreseeable way of completing all the tasks and the unreasonably short time to decide, the Board deemed the most prudent course was to regrettably withdraw the application for 2020. We acknowledge this will cause some inconvenience to parents who had expressed a desire to enroll, and at the same time acknowledge the great disappointment felt by the Board at the outcome forced upon us. We are in the process now of deciding where and how our educational endeavours can proceed in and beyond 2020, and are available if anyone has any questions as to what has gone before, and what may yet still be achievable. Feedback is welcome and thankyou to everyone for their prayers and support. We ask for your continued prayers now that the Holy Spirit would guide us to find the best way forward, for His Glory. 

Please email admin@frassatiballarat.net.au or call 0490 386 908 should you wish to discuss anything.

God bless,

The Ballarat Frassati Group