Our Objectives

Objectives of the school (exact statements that describe what is desired) – Draft

Religious Dimension

  • The school will recognise the parents as the first educators of their children
  • The school will ensure that each practice conforms to and proclaims the Magisterium of the Catholic Church

Personal Dimension

  • Staff shall freely comply with the ethical and moral standards of the Catholic tradition
  • Parents and families shall support the school staff in their attempts to accurately offer the witness and teaching of the Catholic tradition

Cultural Dimension

  • The motivating beliefs and values of the school will be clearly communicated to the school community and the wider community
  • The motivating beliefs and values of the school will the criteria used to evaluate the choices and actions of those in the school community

Social Dimension

  • Time will be allocated to the eight learning areas of the Victorian Curriculum, so far as they represent a view of the flourishing human person
  • Staff will be supported with time and resources to engage with best practice in teaching and learning
  • Curriculum, teaching and learning and assessment procedures will be reviewed each year.

Safety Dimension

  • All facilities, processes and procedures will comply to the standards of health and safety