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Principal Appointment!

The Board are pleased to announce the appointment of Emily Walters as the new principal of OLFCS! Emily has had great experience in Education over the last 17 years, holding roles as Classroom Teacher, Curriculum Coordinator, Student-Teacher Mentor, Sessional University Tutor, Principal and Education Consultant. She can be reached officially now at The next step for Emily is to work out staffing, seeking expressions of interest for the 2nd classroom teacher, contact hours and responsibilities to name a few items!

Our Choral Scholarships

Our Lady of Fatima School Choral Scholarships

About Our Lady of Fatima School

Our Lady of Fatima School is a newly established independent school run by traditional Catholic families that will commence operation in 2019, subject to VRQA approval. It is our mission, in cooperation with like-minded parents, to facilitate the faithful education that home-schooling provides in an independent Catholic school setting. Our Christo-centric motivation is to lead our children to Heaven through fidelity to our Catholic Faith, Tradition and apologetics. We draw inspiration from the example of our patron, Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, for the spiritual, moral and academic foundation of our children.

Sacred Music

As with the Second Vatican Council Fathers, we affirm sacred music as a treasure greater than that of any other art. We acknowledge the right of every Catholic child to learn and participate in this art. And we commit to playing our part to safeguard and nurture this “inestimable treasure” of sacred music.

 Choral Scholarships

To support liturgical music at Our Lady of Fatima School, we are offering choral scholarships to assist students with their studies. Applications for choral scholarships are available for the following:

  • Students who will enter Years 5 through to 10 in 2019

 Application closing date: Friday 11 May 2018

Audition date: Applicants will be advised of their audition time and date, most likely to be held in either May or June 2018.

 Audition Venue

Auditions will be held at the Coward Lemke Music School, 905 Skipton Street, Redan. On the day of their audition, applicants will be greeted by the Director of Music, Our Lady of Fatima School.

General information

The Our Lady of Fatima School choir stands proudly in the great tradition of Catholic church music, its repertoire ranging from Gregorian chant through to renaissance polyphony and contemporary Catholic composers such as James MacMillan.


To be eligible to apply for these scholarships, boys and girls must be Catholic and be able to enrol in (one of) Years 5 through to 10 in 2019.


Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of an audition. Applicants will be tested on voice quality, range and musical ear. Boys and girls who play a musical instrument are usually well suited to the challenges of a school chorister.

Duration of scholarships

Subject to annual review of musical and academic performance, as well as demonstration of the appropriate level of commitment and participation, choral scholarships may extend for the duration of the student’s stay at Our Lady of Fatima School.

 After leaving the treble/soprano line of the choir, and subject to the annual review process, boys and girls (where applicable) may continue to sing as altos, tenors or basses.

Requirements of Choral Scholarship holders

Members of the Our Lady of Fatima School choir are required to be fully involved in the activities of the choir from the beginning of Term 1 until Christmas Day each year. Scholarship holders are required to attend regular rehearsals as follows:

  • One morning before school
  • One afternoon during school
  • Sunday morning rehearsal and mass.


 In addition to the above regular rehearsals, boys and girls in the Our Lady of Fatima School choir are expected to attend special rehearsals and services as required from time to time. These would include services during Holy Week and other special occasions.

Payment of the Choral Scholarship

  • Successful recipients will be advised by the Director of Music, Our Lady of Fatima School.
  • Successful scholarship winners will be eligible for a minimum of 50% remission on their tuition fees. A higher level remission of tuition fees may be available subject to the outcomes of the scholarship audition process.
  • Payment will take the form of proportional deductions from school tuition fees upon payment of the fees.


 To apply for a choral scholarship, or for further information, please visit or contact Director of Music, Mr Vincent Sully on 0407 310 115.


Our Objectives

Objectives of the school (exact statements that describe what is desired) – Draft

Religious Dimension

  • The school will recognise the parents as the first educators of their children
  • The school will ensure that each practice conforms to and proclaims the Magisterium of the Catholic Church

Personal Dimension

  • Staff shall freely comply with the ethical and moral standards of the Catholic tradition
  • Parents and families shall support the school staff in their attempts to accurately offer the witness and teaching of the Catholic tradition

Cultural Dimension

  • The motivating beliefs and values of the school will be clearly communicated to the school community and the wider community
  • The motivating beliefs and values of the school will the criteria used to evaluate the choices and actions of those in the school community

Social Dimension

  • Time will be allocated to the eight learning areas of the Victorian Curriculum, so far as they represent a view of the flourishing human person
  • Staff will be supported with time and resources to engage with best practice in teaching and learning
  • Curriculum, teaching and learning and assessment procedures will be reviewed each year.

Safety Dimension

  • All facilities, processes and procedures will comply to the standards of health and safety